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Texian Rally 2019

Gonzales, Texas


Thank you!

On behalf of the Texas Independence Trail Region Board of Directors, THANK YOU for attending our Texian Rally Workshop in beautiful downtown Gonzales!

We hope you enjoyed the Texas Revolution and Ghost tours, the Texian Rally Workshop incredible line-up of speakers, the Young Texian Troupe’s “Immortal 32” performance and Texas Monthly Top 50 BBQ – the fabulous Baker Boys BBQ!


A special thank you goes out to City of Gonzales for hosting us, the Gonzales Presbyterian Church for the use of their facilities, our amazing sponsors and team Explore Bastrop County and fantastic friends and TITR Board members helping to set-up, donate to and organize the raffle, tear down, pitch in to make another great Texian Rally Workshop!


Thank you again for your time and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!


~ Seneca McAdams
Texas Independence Trail Region, Executive Director

Event Photos 2019

Presbyterian Church Welcome 0869 FH.jpg
TITR Awards 0502 FH.jpg
MC Scott McMahon 0531 FH.jpg
TPWD Grants Aaron Friar 0307 FH.jpg
Panel Marketing DarylWhitworth ConnieBla
Closing Seneca McAdams 0831 FH.jpg
THC John Nau III 0461 FH.jpg
Raffle 0231 Gonzales FH.jpg
Chet Garner Seneca McAdams 0393 FH.jpg
TITR Awards 0511 FH.jpg
TITR Awards 0520 FH.jpg
THC Mark Wolfe 0440 FH.jpg
SenecaMcAdams KimLeBlanc ChetGarner 0754
Chet Garner 0638 FH.jpg
Chet Garner Choosing Game_0563.jpg
People 0793 FH.jpg
Chet Garner Edith ChoosingGame 0703 FH.j
Chet Garner Adena Lewis 0711 FH.jpg
Chet Garner paperdolls 0731 FH.jpg
Alamo Douglass McDonald 0354 FH.jpg
Panel Associations DanDecker CatherineSa
TFC Kim LeBlanc 0751 FH.jpg
People 0790 FH.jpg
Lunch 0395 FH.jpg
Lunch 0399 FH.jpg

photos courtesy

fran hunter,

bastrop county tourism

People 0430 FH.jpg
YouthTexianTroupe 0419 FH.jpg
People 0788 FH.jpg
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