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Texian Rally 2023


Deadline is Friday, Oct. 20, 2023

Texas Independence Trail Region Awards

Nominate* a project or a person for the two awards in easy steps


*All nominees must be inside the Texas Independence Trail Region:  PROJECT AREA MAP


1. Independence Trail Heritage Tourism Achievement Award

Recognizes TEXAN BENEFITS partners with projects and programs within the Texas Independence Trail Region that have measurable impact on regional heritage tourism in a striking and powerful manner.

Partner may showcase specific events, projects, programs and promotions that have been created, developed, implemented and or held between the one-year period of September 1, 2022 and August 31, 2023, that celebrate regional heritage tourism.  Examples of projects/promotions, include but are not limited to, retail promotions; festivals/events, community history/cultural programs, promotions appealing to heritage and civic pride.

Please answer the following questions:
1.    Describe the program/project.
2.    What is the goal of the program/project?
3.    What makes this program/project have an impact on heritage tourism?  
4.    How has this program/project positively impacted your community/region?
5.    Please describe the overall success of the program.


2. The Peggy Spradley Award

Formerly known as The Trailblazer Award, this recognizes a person (or organization?) who has displayed outstanding professionalism, achievement and support of the Texas Independence Trail Region community.  


Nominees must be a member or an employee/volunteer of a member of the Texas Independence Trail Region.

Please answer the following questions about the nominee:
1.    How long has this person been actively involved with the Texas Independence Trail Region?
2.    How has your organization been affected by this individual?
3.    How does this person go above and beyond the professional call of duty with regard to heritage tourism.
4.    How does this person impact the Texas Independence Region as a whole, and contribute to heritage tourism in the Texas Independence Trail Region?


Instructions on nominating

Nominations must be submitted to by Friday, OCTOBER 20, 2023.


The Texas Independence Trail Region Board selects the award recipients.

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